Realtor & Closing Attorney Corner

Failure to following the directions for a closing letter may result in a delay. Information on this page is correct through December 22, 2021.

Closing letters should be requested at least 7 business days from closing.

For a list of non-member homes click here

For Bylaws, Covenants, etc. click here.

The association’s fiscal year runs from November 1 to October 31.

Annual HOA Dues

Annual dues are currently $726.76, are assessed on November 1 and (generally) payable within 30 days.  The dues cover household and yard waste removal, tennis courts, pool, common areas, entrances, etc. and all Association activities such as the neighborhood directory, social events, e-Newsletters, etc.  Included in the annual dues is $201.76 for household and yard waste removal contract which goes from January 1 to December 31.

There is a $250 initiation fee for member homes and a $2475 initiation fee for non-member homes (the Association is mandatory now, but was not originally – as a result, there are still a small number of homes which were grandfathered and are non-members).  Click here for a list of non-member homes.

Closing letters should be requested of the at least two weeks before closing.  Please make sure you include the closing date.

For a sample closing letter click here.

WE ARE VOLUNTEERS.  Please do not request that we fill out your form.

Send your request electronically to Treasurer.

Remit To:

Highland Ridge Homeowner’s Association
4640 Outlook Place
Marietta, GA 30066

Sign Rules

For sales signs are allowed in the yard of the property only, not at the entrances.  Open house signs are acceptable at the front entrances only during the open house period.

We do not own the property at the corner of Mountain Rd. and Sandy Plains Rd.  Therefore, we cannot advise as to what is allowed at that location.

Pool and Tennis Court Photos